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In this day of electronic communication, some of the Web has become the modern Hyde Park, and this portion of my site is just that, with my purple prose. When I feel somebody must say it, and I hear nobody else, I put it here. Never forget the Basic Laws.

Short Takes (usually most current). Those from 2000 thru 2008 are here, yes, I did say that.

Another Modest Proposal

The Republican Myth


Politics 2008

$8,600,000,000 Unpaid


Preventing ID Fraud


Political Trends
The '06 California Propositions Prop 87
Are you Safer?   Who will keep you Safer?
Sacred Marriage
Political Labels
Bush, Pro|Con
Iraq Reviewed
Ad Values
Why the Disaster? The Cause
My War Position
In a Democracy We are Responsible
We Must Question Policy
Bush Wants War, We Need Peace
Corp. Rescue
Election Needs
Consumer News
"It's the Media's Fault!"
Private Values and Responsibility re: Children
The FBI wants all your encryption keys.
The lack of reason in the War on Drugs.
Just say NO!
Pursuant to Megan's Law...
Do you believe the NEWS?
It's Science!?

I encourage all to create their own Hyde Park corner. A perusal of * REF04 Resources by Subject Area will reveal some personal editorial pages are among my favorites. This allows anyone with the interest to read the personal views without subjecting anyone to them, and creates an opportunity to see the context. Think, express your opinion, and take responsibility, including voting. And HOW you READ is important.

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