Just Say No! to...

Just say no to drugs. They kill, they are evil, they fry your brain. So just say no to caffeine, Prozac, Budwiser, Tylanol, Robitussin, Ritalin, Zantac, Valium, penicillin, morphine, aspirin, Sudafed, Rogain, the lot. Oh, not those drugs? They all can be abused. Why not say no to drugs? Why do we have a problem with this?

All those drugs listed can, and have been both used to advantage and abused, and most have killed on occasion. It is so easy to make some little catch phrase, a sound bite, simplify so anyone can get the point without thinking. Or is it? We have forgotten the basic rule that anything that can do good can do harm. Just ask the skip loader operator that dug up the pipe for repair and hit the gas main. He just dug up a little too much.

Prohibition failed with alcohol, and it is failing again. Balance has been lost, and that is the problem. The statistics say that a glass of wine a day is correlated with reduced coronary problems. Now, is it caused by the wine, or is it the result of better balance, the ability to enjoy (wine, work, play) without going overboard?

I could care less if my driver got loaded at home on his day off, but I am very concerned if he is thinking about his kid in the operating room instead of the road now. An EMIT drug test will not make me safe, but if he is balanced, keeping his private life from impairing his ability to drive, pass or fail a drug test, we are both OK.

The result is what is of importance. Sex is highly desirable with the right who, where, and when, and can be evil or deadly with the wrong ones. Let us reassert balance and reason over the thoughtless over simplification. Anything in excess is a problem, and can destroy your life; just ask a Twelve-Stepper, be it alcohol, food, drugs, sex, work, money, sleeping, or hand washing.

How about Just Say NO to slogans and imbalance?

Copyright © 1998   Norman Montgomery; All rights reserved.