It's Science!?

Why propagate the gross misperception of what science is?
Nightline stated the USDA was changing to a "Science Based" inspection of meat when the truth is that it is deciding to use technology based on 20th century science to replace the currently used technology developed by 19th century science. The newer technology is currently used now in the coroners office.

Few would claim the line workers in Detroit are scientists, but technicians applying what scientists have learned about power generation, materials including metal fatigue and polymers, and impact force dissipation (crush zones). If those who know what terms mean use them properly, confusion is reduced, and better decisions can be made.

When it is understood that the product of science is knowledge, we can lay the old red herrings to rest, and go forward with the science and as a society can decide what knowledge is used and developed into mature technologies. We may not want to have insurance rates based on what we have learned from genetics, but that does not mean we do not want to learn about the human body. When we understand how the human immune system works, we will probably decide to develop the technologies to enable it to identify HIV, and hide transplanted organs, but not use that knowledge for weapons development.

Better understanding leads to better decisions.

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