Matching the description of Conanan

News? Who is eliminated by the description? If you are over 110 lb, under 300 lb,, not albino or black, normal height, and not extraordinarily ugly, you match well enough ["may be dressed as a female"]. Just look at the pictures of people questioned by police nationwide.

In Fear for Their Lives

Fear in Vermont? And Los Angeles? And .... Conanan was a piker. He never got in the running. Many serial killers have taken much larger tolls. News media beat the drums of fear accross the nation when there was a greater threat from someone local. If you must be in fear, try lightening, for it is far more likely, killing more people every year, for decades. More people are killed by lightening in California than win the California Lottery. The phenomenon of a desperate man attacking those he had admired or blamed for his problems is significant nationally, locally, and in the workplace.

"Here is an excerpt from the live interview, following this program!"

Interviews with corpses are so boring. Peter Jennings, if you can play a part of the interview as a preview, it is on tape, NOT LIVE! Teasers, huckster lines like "new, improved, live, super," and misleading lines are insulting and offensive.

The House Bank Honors Hundreds of Rubber Checks

Do the authors of this line know what a rubber check is? The House Bank was very reluctant to not honor a member's check and return it in lieu of funds, "bouncing" the check. A "bad check" is one where the creditor is out money, and the writer gets the goods for no money. They did as many banks do, honor the check with Non-Sufficient Funds, and extract that money, and usually a fee, when they expect to continue dealing with that customer. Some newsmen, early on, admitted that had happened with them in their accounts. The ploy of calling them "rubber checks", which frustrate and anger recipients, was a fraud. It sounds so much more dramatic and emotional than the truth: "House Bank Over Lenient with NSF Checks." Go back and read how many checks were bad, and not effectively short term loans.

Killed Americans

If it is so unforgivable for Russians to shoot down a passenger airliner over Kamchatka, warned and very seriously off course, why is it OK for us to shoot one down in the Gulf?
Carnage in VietNam: Regardless of what your stand was on VietNam, in what year did the Viet Cong kill more Americans than drunken American drivers kill Americans? If killing Americans is insufferable, why did it take so much longer to get serious about drunk drivers? Indignation about senseless death knows no nationality, for that leads to Union Carbide taking lives in India. Others will value our lives, as much as we theirs. Just because an American died abroad does not make it news; the circumstance may. Is it important?


We were all taught that the news was to inform and educate us, help us be better citizens. We are told there is too much news to present in one hour, so why must we hear congratulations to the weatherman for a nice day? We need to demand that news media actually do tell us the news, good and bad, with enough information to be useful. Tabloid journalism is not in the best interest of democracy, only scandal-monger's pocketbooks. They will listen and act in their own best interest. Look at how many types of programs, pioneered by PBS, are now on the major networks! Understand that WE are the product sold TO advertisers, and if we say "you can sell us only if you tell us the news," they will. If a Net news is shoveling it, ignore it or bookmark as Avoid; if it is doing a good job, Email them a "Thank You" AND click on one of their advertisers, so they will grow, and the others fade away. And remember, the lowest national multiplier I have heard of newtworks using is 30,000; that mean for every letter they get, they assume it speaks for at least 30,000 more people!
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