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The military blames a hand full of soldiers for the treatment of the Iraqi prisoners at Abu Graib. They followed illegal orders. The experiment during the Vietnam war demonstrated and analyzed this type of situation. It was predictable. The Red Cross, a month after the investigation started, reported on the abuse. The pictures were broadcast two months later, over half a year after the first acts occurred, suprising the Secretary of Defense, who is responsible for this, and the Commander in Chief, President George Bush. This was the greatest public relations windfall for Muslim extremists ever.

Who should be charged? They followed orders, like the Nazis. I was called a traitor for protesting the war in Vietnam, "giving aid and comfort to the enemy." While the Bush administration was hunting for Saddam for torturing prisoners, among other things, the same thing was being done by this administration. There has been no greater recruiting tool for suicide bombers against Americans. Aren't those that authorized the illegal orders guilty of treason? I do not favor the punishment they said I should get, but I do want them prevented from further crimes against America and humanity.

Rumsfeld told congress and the world that the Iraqi had violated the Geneva Accord by their interrogation, intimidating, and photographing U.S. prisoners of war. He has testified to congress we have not violated the Accords in our interrogation, which now proves to be similar to what we condemned the KGB for doing. Since he has testified to congress mutually exclusive statements, he is guilty of lying to congress, and as such can be impeached.

We say we want to lead the world to peace and democracy. Our administration is now using the same secret prisons, interrogation, torture, and aggressive approaches that we have condemned others for, showing to the world that we do not believe in or live by the values we claim they should adopt. World opinion will not forget this in this generation. Americans will die due to inspiring more suicide bombers with our current behavior.

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