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   The national election situation is irritating, but not a constitutional crisis or impossible to resolve. As much as both contenders may dislike the truth, the most reasonable and  needful process now is to follow the electoral process with all due speed and diligence. Rather than tit for tat and piecemeal challenges, ALL questions need be addressed immediately, with recounts wherever indicated and a revote if that is the most expedient way of insuring that the district vote is accurate.

   Only in this way, with blatant attention to insure the vote, however close, is true and honest, will whoever wins be able to govern without the disabling resistance born of the belief, even erroneous, that the election was stolen. George W. Bush has more at stake in this, with a seeming electoral lead and lacking the plurality. Gore must avoid appearing as a spoiler or as abandoning supporters. For either to have any political future, they must support and lead their supporters.

   If both pursue a path to blatantly seek accuracy rather than personal advantage, and overtly accept the resolution in due speed, leadership will be difficult but possible. Without this, leadership will be thwarted as seriously as voters feel their vote has been thwarted, and we will loose respect of other nations. Even if courts are involved in the path, so long as the path is overtly constitutional, and resolution is made with all deliberate speed, it is a successful example of rule by constitutional law.

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