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The news has given us many benefits in consumer advocacy, but has also hurt consumers considerably in pursuit of the dollar. NBC fraudulently claimed the saddlebag gas tank caught fire as a result of a collision, but later had to admit they ignited it. We must be very careful of the claims.

Millions of people fear their tires, and others are blaming deaths on these tires, but I hear no one is reminding all that loosing the tread is less dangerous than a flat, which is rather common. Remember the last time you had to deal with such an occurrence. With 600 claimed related accidents out of 6 million tires that is 4% of 1%, which is less than the AAA estimate of under inflated tires. I fear the driver in the Explorer more for the cell phone conversation effect than the tires.

The same man is currently claiming to advocate for the consumer in petitioning the governor to cut the gas tax to reduce gasoline cost. Since this is a matter of the market, this would shift the income from the state to the oil companies, since they charge what the market will bear. This tells me he is more into creating a media phenomenon with high Neilson ratings rather than justice or safety of people.

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