Law Enforcement and Encryption

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Do you really believe that law enforcement needs easy access to all information to protect the public and enforce the law? The FBI and administration believe that they should be able to read all your E-mail, etc. Try reading about a major case, with a citizen leading the FBI, successfully, inspite of strong encryption. This suggests that such extraordinary measures are not needed. Should we give up privacy for this, when it is not necessary?

The Federal Government wants to make it illegal for you to communicate anything that it can not easily read, but they can keep information from you. Damage has already been done to U.S. business by this policy, for Europe has developed commercially avilable encryption software using strong encryption to fill the market the export laws blocked from our businesses, who used to be the leaders. Sun Systems may not provide secure communications overseas, so they are at a disadvantage.

Beyond these considerations is the question of law enforcement. Remember, every week or so we hear of another violation by law enforcement. &nbssp; J. Edgar Hoover, sworn to uphold the law, and protect citizens, used illegal survelance and methods to attack citizens. Martin Luther King was attacked by law enforcement, not protected. Many participants in these actions are now admiting to their deeds, but not from prison, where they should be. Conspiring to violate a law makes it a felony. Doing so under the color of authority does so as well. If we know for a fact that an organization systematicly violated the law and their mandate, how can we entrust them with ALL our information? They admit to some coruption, yet they want to have keys to all out information. With such a target, worth billions to individuals, companies, organized crime, and governments, how long would it take before Your information was for sale?

If you are conserned, do something! The Blue Ribbon Campaign is one place to start educating yourself. Under "Liberties" in my Links by Subject are others. Tell your congressmen, and others, what you think and want. Their job is at stake, so they best listen. For that matter, so is yours.

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