Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger. I'll keep it short. He is benifiting from the equal time constraints. The interview said all that is needed in one sound bite. "The sport was nowhere. We said all sorts of outrageous things, like pumping is better than cumming. I said untrue things." In other words, he says he lies to get what he wants.

His egging at Long Beach instead of joining the debate looks very much like that to me, for he did not flinch when hit by the egg in front of the bank of news cameras. I say that was part of the script to insure he was on the evening news with the debate.

Refusing to deal with unscripted debate shows he is unprepared to handle the unscripted nature of California.
Note that in his recent ad he says indian casinos made $120 million in the last five years (that is 24 million a year), and then says they make billions and don't pay taxes. That takes 41 years to make One Billion, so it is clear he does not think it through, or find the truth a limit, or consider previous votes significant.
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