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For All:

The Outline of Links Categories is the best way to find anything in the 4000+ links.
Feedback about classification is wanted.
Site Design Philosophy and Policy

For Hiking, etc.:

Most of the Hiking related stuff (resources, conditioning hikes maps, etc.) is here.
There's a page of OCSS related stuff, and some Peters Canyon pictures.

For Clan MacColin:

Covid19 has us physically distanced, Faire 2021 is unlikely, and is in existential danger.

For Any:

The links pages are about 4000 (+-1000, as new sites are added and old dissapear) that I have found useful. They are organized so I can find them again, and can tell others about a site. They do allow avoiding the four pages of advertizing to find one site with a search engine.

Notable articles of future significance that don't reach 'The News' in energy, life sciences, and general science are now in REF15.HTM.
Political news in this year of 'Groundhog Day', mostly appaling, is in here.

For Other:

Nothing now... 

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