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Where is it and where are we are continual questions for us. Practicing translating maps to terrain in our most frequent locations is the simplest way to master map reading, so here are some maps for conditioning hikes, where you can get your stride and map skills up to speed. Links to Yahoo maps can get you there. I have made overlays of current maps over the topo to have the information of both available. The files are large, and as a result, slow to load. The image can be saved (NS- RtClick|Save Image... or File|Save as|...) or printed and return to the page via your BACK button. Ideas and feedback are needed.

Good descriptions are available at Orange County Harbors, Beaches & Parks Wilderness Parks.


  • Angeles National Forest - Welcome!
  • Angeles National Forest - Current Conditions
  • Cleveland National Forest - Welcome!
  • Field Guide to the San Gabriel Mountains
  • Field Guide to the San Gabriel Mountains: Current Conditions
  • Hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains and the Angeles National Forest
  • Los Padres National Forest Home Page
  • San Bernadino National Forest- USDA Forest Service
  • San Bernardino North Map - San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains
  • San Bernardino South Map - San Jacinto mountains
  • Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (National Park Service)
  • Forum
  • USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region
  • Region 5 Online Maps
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    Sierra Club Hikes and trips

    Preparing to get out there: Restrictions? Problems? Info...
    So. Calif. Snow condition links
    National Forests in California
    CA road info Weather Underground

    For those who have asked what to carry, here are check-off lists converted to html for the net, print-ready, one-page (in table) versions for day packs and backpacks, which are also linked from the list version, Backpack list , which can be copied to a word processor for editing. Then you can omit reading glasses and add insulin kit as needed.

    I have some Sierra Club and Orange County Sierra Singles related stuff in addition to this page and the links pages. From Avalanche Training, Snow Observations and the Decision rules, and the versions for downloading, editing for size: Snow Observations and the Decision rules.

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    Many more links are in the links pages, with subjects most easily found using FIND on Outline of Links Pages .