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View of parking lot from across the lake before the drought.
Peters canyon res. 
Willow trail area post fire 
The Willow trail and north end of the park burned in 2017, with the south intact.

You never know what you may see, even a Bald Eagle!

The Recovery!
Drought 2015/06/06
Drought impact 6/6/15.

Pictures of Peters Canyon are from all seasons in multiple years showing the range from green to yellow to brown, wet and dry years.

Parking lot Kiosk with maps & fountain.
Parking Lot kiosk with maps & fountain  

Peak trail up the ridge & Gnatcatcher trail on the right.
view of gnatchather trail and high point 

pc pc area approach high point Mountain view from top eastern edge Creek Trail bridges over mud bridges over water North end of creek trail
Looking back up the "big  hill" with the cross country team half way up.
looking back at the hill

The Willow Trail is closed spring and summer to protect the bird nesting area in dense growth.

Native Plants

b p Poison Oak  Toxicodendron diversilobum Sunflower  Helianthus annuus cholla bloom buckwheat salt grass . . . Toyon, Heteromeles arbutifolia,
b Coast Prickly Pear Opuntia littoralis Century Chaparral Yucca Yucca whipplei

Invasive Species

Fennel  Foeniculum vulgare Artichoke Thistle  Cynara cardunculus Black Mustard  Brassica Negra Castor Bean     Ricinus communis  
Peters Canyon Park Map (700x1350, 350K) the old trail map overlayed on topo. Official map map link
The parking fee in the county parks is $3.00 making the calendar year pass a bargain at $55.00 for the year for the wild land parks. The streets which used to handle overflow parking are now no parking, so additional parking has been added with more ranger presence.

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