Current Danger Rating Low (Green) Moderate (Yellow) ??? Considerable (Orange) High/Extreme (Red)
Danger Trend/ Forecast Improving/ Steady Rising Slowly
Rising Rapidly
Continue? Activity Data:
When Past Recent
Current Current+
Same as You+
Number None/Few Many
Where Far Away In Area
Same as You
Triggers Large Human
Human/ Natural
Characteristics Small Medium/Slabs
Continue? Snowpack Data:
Average Depth > 2m 1.5 – 2.0m
Average Strength Strong Moderate
Variability from Average Depth/Strength Uniform Somewhat Variable
Highly Variable
Strong Over Weak Layering Little/None Somewhat Variable
Compression Tests/ Rutschblock Tests CTH 30+
RB 7
CTH 20-30
RB 5-6

CTH 10-20
RB 3-4
CTH 0-10
RB 1-2
Danger Signs (Creaking, Whumphing, etc.) Propagation Few/None
Heavy Trigger
Moderate Trigger

Light Trigger, Wide Propagation

Continue? Weather Assessment:
Storm None

Snow 3+cm/hr + Winds move much snow in start zone+ very warm temps &/or Rapid Temp Rise
Last No Go Storm Ended > 48 hr ago 36 – 48 hrs ago
< 36 hr ago
New Snow (12 hr) <15 cm 15 – 30 cm
> 30 cm
Blowing Snow None Some recently
Much recent/current
Temps/ Radiation Cold - Cool None - Little Cool – Warm Some
>0 &/or rapid rise Strong
Continue? Terrain Assessment:
Incline <25 25-35
Aspect (Wind Exposure) Windward Some Cross/ Lee
Much Cross/ Lee
Trigger Points None – Few Some
Size/ Traps Small/ None-Few Moderate/ Some
Large/ Many
Other Factors
(Terrain, Techniques, Human Factors)
Conclusion Travel with Normal Caution Consider Safer Options Increased Caution
Consider Safest Options Travel NOT Recommended on Terrain/Snowpack Travel NOT Recommended in Avalanche Terrain.
Consider Human Factors
If any criterion unknown, the danger condition is CONSIDERABLE- Orange
stay in safe territory and get info.