The Wall

The effort to force through funding for a southern border wall is a fraud. It would not be effective because is could be passed, half the illegal immigrants entered legally, and only economic migrants could legally be stopped since we signed treaties providing for refugees. Trump has lied about it repeatedly, claiming previous presidents support, being asked by Democrats to make it steel instead of concrete, that it would be paid for by Mexico, that immigrants are dangerous, and that it is an unprecedented invasion. None of those claims are true. The Senate opposes the majority of voters in that Democrats were voted for by 45 million voters while the Republicans got only 33 million votes. Refusal to allow a bill to come to a vote is an unethical anti-democratic effort to support a criminal political stunt which hurts the American people and demonstrates to the world that the U.S. is not a great leader of democracy. And the U.S. bares blame for the refugees because a previous president illegally supported the destruction of central american governments, arming rebels,supporting dictators, and using the College of the Americas to control other nations governments.

There is a provision in the law that would stop economic migration. It provides for a $10,000.00 fine for each knowingly hired illegal alien. There has been no enforcement. President Trump's own companies have hired 'illegal immigrants' and have not used provisions to screen for them. Were it enforced, the cost to employers like Hormel and Tyson with raids arresting hundreds would stop such employment, and without access to the labor market, the U.S. would not be of interest to an economic immigrant. Lobbyists of the violating employers have prevented enforcement to provide large profits using underpaid immigrants. Enforcing our own laws on our own businesses will do more than an ineffectual wall can.

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