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Republican Arguments

Republican arguments against impeachment prove false. They obstructed and opposed Obama with Mitch McConnell swearing to block everything Obama tried to do, but claim Democrats should support Trump. They claim Trump has done nothing wrong. They claim Democrats are trying to thwart the will of Americans.

With Trump getting three million less votes than Clinton and Democratic Senators getting 23 million more votes than the Republican Senators, the claim rings false, especially noting the three "voter suppression units" they proudly announced, fighting decisions against illegal Gerrymandering, massive removals of voter rolls, and fraud so massive and blatant an election had to be rerun. Yet they did not object to any of those violations of true democracy. They opposed the will of Americans.

To claim Trump did nothing wrong is a lie. In truth. lies are his strong suit starting with his inauguration through his efforts against Biden. He supported war criminals over the objections of the military. He thwarted justice in pardoning a convicted Aripiao and other Republican criminals. He claimed Obama's use of Presidential orders was unconstitutional, but has used many times more of them, often block by the courts. Many prosecutors have said they have successfully prosecuted RICO cases with less blatant attempts at extortion than the Trump transcript. The timing of hold on funds for the Ukraine is damning, as is the lack of the promised Oval Office meeting. Trump's control of Republican campaign funds has kept those wish to run for office again from acknowledging the truth, and in deed is a form of bribery.

Republicans have blocked increased security for elections in spite of their earlier claims of great electoral fraud. They have not objected to the electoral fraud that has come to light other than two Democrats, ignoring the many Republican cases. They di not say a peep when he had to admit his "charity" was a fraud. They did not object to Trump Jr.'s illegal soliciting funds from foreign Members of Parliament. It seems they believe Republicans can do no wrong, no matter how illegal or unethical.