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Pete Wilson opposed the Bracerro program. Rep. Pete Wilson opposed strengthing the borders and enforcing immigration laws. Gov. Pete Wilson opposed immigration and opposed paying for enforcing immigration laws. He said no one would pick California's crops, a major income source. Illegal immigration provides workers that work for less than minimum wage with no benifits, with the rest of us paying for the health care when the hospital passes on the cost of the emergancy room visits for the flu. We are subsidizing business with this. How many liberals have the big money to keep this up?

Billions to wage war, billions for weapons the DoD doesn't want, billions to snoop in your email, listen to your phone, harass people getting on and off planes, but cut the money that save lives from disease, poisoning by industry, flagrant disregard of the law by business. With less hypocrisy they would charge employers of the illegals they hate so much the $10,000.00 fine for each, and take care of two of their priority problems.

Companies are supposed to be liable for a $10,000.00 fine for hiring a each illegal alien, however this is not being imposed, even when major corporations are found guilty in major raids of over 200. These workers are effectively a subsidy for these businesses.

Since major efforts to deal with immigration have been opposed by Republicans (Gov. Wilson, Reagan, etc) because of agriculture's opposition, just enforce the law: fine every employer knowingly hiring an illegal $10,000.00 for each count. Solve immigration and the debt.